Ventnor author Jodi L. Roberts has some impressive authors who gave her the inspiration to write.

Teacher Jodi cites Hilary Mantel, Kate Moss and Susan Lewis as her influences.

Her aim is to emulates the strong characters in their books.

After studying art history at the University of Warwick she embarked on a career in teaching, working in various parts of the UK including Cheshire, the Midlands, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex and London.

She said she had been a passionate reader since childhood.

Jodi has travelled widely throughout the world, often finding inspiration for her writing from incidents, characters and locations along the way.

In her new book Hazy Choices, upwardly mobile Dan Fisher feels he has, at last, got a firm foothold on the career ladder.

He is looking forward to the holiday of a lifetime with his young family when, at the age of 36 everything suddenly goes wrong.

Dan grapples with the problems thrown-out by his wife’s illness; battling with religious fanatics, his antagonistic relatives, social services, the Child Support Agency and the legal system.

His story charts the struggle to win through in the face of adversity.

It tells how he becomes a changed man, understanding and coping with the pressures of modern-day working life on domestic bliss.

Jodi says there is plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour to enjoy amidst the dramas played out by adults behaving badly.

Hazy Choices is now on sale at Amazon: price £7.99. It is the first book in the Fisher Family Trilogy.