A kitchen renovation in Ryde has been peeling back the years - literally!

Islander Kya Cook is transforming her room and has stripped it back to the bare plaster.

Her work has not just uncovered layers of old paint and wallpaper - but Isle of Wight print history too.

Kya has found two historic copies of the County Press - one from 1996 and one from 1979 - hidden away for decades.

Kya said the older one, now 42 years old, was found on what used to be an outdoor step.

She told us: "There's not much left of it.

"We found it under a mat, which was stuck to an old outside step, into an extension."

The page covers sports news, including water ski-ing, discus and rowing.

Meanwhile the scrunched-up 1996 copy was hidden in the walls.

Isle of Wight County Press:

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Isle of Wight County Press:

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