The IW Story Festival takes place during next week’s half term, entirely on YouTube, so anyone can enjoy it, anywhere in the world.

Kitt Walsh and her nine-year-old granddaughter, Abby, from Missouri, USA, will be taking advantage of this fact to see, and interact with, one of their favourite authors, the Island’s own Kieran Larwood.

Kitt got in touch with the event’s organisers because she wanted to check Kieran Larwood’s session on Saturday, February 20, at 2.30pm UK time, would be live (it will be), because she and Abby plan to get up for 8.30am to take part.

They are huge fans of the author.

“A few years ago, as a reward for having read a certain number of books for a summer reading programme, Abby won the book of her choice at the local library,” Kitt said.

"We were late to the selection and the only choice left was a galley proof of Kieran Larwood’s Podkin One-Ear.

"As a professional writer myself, I explained that the galley proof would still contain all the words to the story, even if it had no cover. We took the dog-eared copy home and, for Abby, it was love at first read.”

Kit explained that, half-way through the latest book, Uki and The Swamp Spirit, Abby asked what the catchphrase of Kree, the small plains rabbit, meant — she says “Pok Ha Boc” whenever she is frustrated or excited.

Kitt decided to contact Kieran to ask him. Unfortunately it was too rude to translate!

However, in searching for his website, Kitt came across the IW Story Festival and saw there was a session on Uki and The Swamp Spirit.

“I knew, despite the time change and early hour, Abby and I would be there,” Kitt said.

Kieran is just one of an exciting line-up of authors, illustrators, storytellers, poets and puppeteers taking part in the festival from Wednesday, February 17, to Saturday, February 20.

The whole event will be streamed via the IW Story Festival’s YouTube channel. Families are advised to subscribe to the channel in advance for notifications of when sessions are happening.

The full programme of events can also be found at