Vix Lowthion, chair, Isle of Wight Green Party, Newport:

Our four-yearly invitation to stand and vote in the May 2021 local elections is a positive and vital part of our nation’s democracy.

However, this year the UK government has issued guidelines that suspend leafleting for all political parties and independent candidates standing for election.

Whilst it is clear that door-knocking and canvassing in a global pandemic and national lockdown should not be occurring, for a government to ban citizens from hearing from those who would wish to represent them is a dangerous route to take.

If it is safe to hold elections in May, it must be safe to let voters know what you stand for before they choose who to elect.

The larger parties with deeper pockets will afford to pay for leaflets to be delivered — but independent candidates and smaller parties cannot do that.

They rely on volunteers and hand-deliveries, and so these guidelines do not treat all candidates on an equal footing.

Voters can still receive post, parcels and deliveries.

I receive through my letter-box hand-delivered take-away leaflets and catalogues for things I won’t buy and do not need.

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But I cannot hear from all those candidates who aim to assume power and control our local council for the next four years?

Our democracy is clearly in danger of being annulled.