From Phil Thomas, Bembridge and Bavaria:

As an Island resident currently in Germany I follow events on the Isle of Wight with a particular and objective interest.

It is clear that, before Christmas, the Island was one of three regions in the UK with the lowest incidence of Coronavirus.

Permitting the free flow of visitors to spend Christmas in their second homes and leave behind their unwanted souvenirs put the IW in a high-risk category equal to that of London.

The Christmas battle was lost but the war is not over.

St Mary's Hospital has dealt with thousands of patients since January and still cares for 80 severely ill patients.

Losses include a hospital manager and other valuable staff. The staff is still at risk.

Our MP, a military man, must have known that the Isle of Wight was closed to all but military traffic during the 1939-45 war.

A 15-day closure put the Isle of Man on its Corona free status.

Why not make the Isle of Wight a prohibited area for 15 days — exceptions for medical and groceries only.

The public is rightly cynical of politicians who fail to think and fail to act. It is not enough to merely thank and praise emergency workers in every crisis!

Bob Seely, you are a powerful and persuasive speaker. Boris is clutching at straws. You have his ear. Get cracking Bob, get it done!

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