From Stephen Hallam,

Will visitors to the Isle of Wight always be seen as pariahs?

What about people such as myself who now live on the mainland.

Will we be seen in the same way?

I grew up and lived on the Island for 40 years, my family are Islanders and still live there, including my 81-year-old mother.

Largely down to work commitments and last-minute plans, sometimes I have to stay in hotel accommodation when visiting.

This can be ridiculously expensive at certain times of the year, especially when extortionate prices are charged by ferry companies to cross a three-mile stretch of water. Under "normal" circumstances I can get to Spain/France quicker and cheaper.

Now with Covid involved, I've managed to see my family twice in over 18 months.

Speaking as a person from the Island and one who is sometimes seen as a " grockle", I would urge people to consider this question very carefully before making the decision on how people are treated, the Island's overall livelihood may well depend on it!

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