From Patricia Smith, Godshill:

Having been lucky to secure a Monday and Tuesday appointment slot respectively for myself and my sister at Riverside Centre, Newport, we arrived as close to appointment time as possible.

We had ticked the box requesting disabled bay parking as we each have a blue badge parking permit. The actual parking lot with these bays are not in use at the Riverside Centre as access is via Seaclose.

As we approached along the harbour we were waved down by some volunteers who said we could not drive down to the parking area outside the back entrance of Riverside, rather we had to use a car park several hundred yards away.

I produced my Blue Badge and was told, 'no, can you not walk that far?'

If I could have walked that distance I would not have required, or indeed, be granted a Blue Badge. Luckily my sisters' appointment was for the following day so she was allowed to drive down, drop me off and then drive away and wait elsewhere until I exited The Riverside Centre.

The following day, the same happened, but the volunteers said the harbourmaster would not allow any disabled parking close to the Riverside Centre, so again, drop off and go away and wait.

Had both of our appointments been close together one of us would have had to miss our appointment.

I could not contact the harbourmaster from the site as the advertised telephone number was not working.

I telephoned the Blue Badge department at County Hall and it was confirmed by them that I could park on the harbour outside the Riverside Centre with a Blue Badge.

I did inform the parking volunteers but I am not sure they took it on board.

If this is the case, I feel that other disabled people should be made aware that they will be expected to walk several hundred yards to the Riverside Centre and back again for their vaccinations