From Andrew Davies, Newport:

For as long as I can remember since privatisation we have moaned about the fares and the service from Wightlink and Red Funnel.

However, it is only today that I realise what an truly unjustifiable figure it is.

A new work colleague in Malta commutes every day on a ferry that holds 138 cars.

The journey time is a little shorter at 25-30 mins against our 35-45 mins.

The lounge and on board facilities are equal, although somewhat cheaper.

The service is every hour, apart from peak periods when it's every half hour and every two hours from midnight to 6 am. So far better than our options.

So much better service levels, and the price for a return?

PEAK €15.70 or £13.75! Oh, and if you are a resident it's subsidised, €8.15 or £7.15!

How do they do this? Fuel costs are the same.

I would love to know why I am charged anywhere from £58 on a multilink to £120.

Perhaps one of the aforementioned IW ferry companies could explain.

Or maybe even our MP?

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