CHRIS Offer loves his 1972 Triumph Stag because it’s old enough to be a thoroughbred classic, but modern enough to include a number of safety features, good comfort levels and plenty of speed.

He has owned a number of other vehicles in the past, including a Morris 8 Tourer, a Morris 1000 and a Volkswagen Beetle, but his favourite is the Triumph Stag.

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He purchased the Stag two years ago, having previously had a 1936 Morris 8 Tourer.

Isle of Wight County Press: Chris Offer's Triumph Stag.

The rear of the Triumph Stag shows its sporty lines.

He said: "The Morris 8 was a lovely car, but it wasn't the easiest or most comfortable car to drive.

"I really wanted something a bit sporty, but interesting to drive.

"I was in my late teens when the Stag first came out and it was the sort of car I dreamed of having, but couldn't afford at the time, so when the chance to get one came up, I took it."

His Triumph Stag had been well looked after by its previous owner — whom Chris is still in touch with.

In November of last year Chris made a YouTube video entitled: The Golden Stag — 50 years of the Triumph Stag, which has been well received.

Isle of Wight County Press: Chris Offer's Triumph Stag.

In it, he tells a little of the history of the Triumph Stag as he drives around the Island.

This attractive car was styled by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti and was launched in 1970, to a warm welcome at the various international auto shows.

It was sold between 1970 and 1978 by the British Triumph Motor Company.

Envisioned as a luxury sports car, the Stag was designed to compete directly with the Mercedes-Benz SL class models and came with many advanced safety and comfort features, such as power steering and brakes, independent suspension all round, and electric windows as standard.

Chris said the Stag cost around £2,000 at launch in 1970 — which equates to around £31,000 today.

Sadly the car became known for some mechanical issues and fell out of favour, but fortunately, the Stag Owners’ Club believes there are around 9,000 Triumph Stags still in existence today.

Chris, who lives in Brading, said he only drives his Triumph Stag on the Island because he has no real reason to take it to the mainland — although he does like to take part in local events, such as the Vectis Historic Vehicle Club’s summer charity show, which is his favourite event, and the IW International Charity Classic Car Extravaganza, which is held each September.

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