YARMOUTH Harbour stalwart and former firefighter, Les Turner, has died aged 76.

Mr Turner was born on September 10, 1944, to Ted and Gladdis Turner.

He resided in Yarmouth his whole life ­— predominately at Alma Place.

In his youth, Mr Turner attended Yarmouth School, joining the local cubs and then the sea scouts, rowing out to Newtown to the scout camp in a clinker dinghy.

He always enjoyed rowing despite the fact he couldn’t swim.

During his school days, Mr Turner cleaned coaches which operated from the Square at Yarmouth.

He was paid two shillings and six pence for cleaning the inside windows, and a further two shillings and six pence for cleaning the outsides.

He also helped at Yarmouth Youth Club which operated at the old railway station ­— now the location of restaurant, Off The Rails.

In 1960, Mr Turner was offered an apprenticeship at Moreys in Newport­ — a place where he worked until 1970.

While at Moreys he built a dory ­— a small, shallow-draft boat ­— which he used to run as a harbour taxi.

He was also a part-time fireman from the early 1960s until 1984.

Mr Turner started working for Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners in 1970.

He worked as berthing master, meeting visiting yachts, and welcoming everyone with his cheery smile. He also worked at the ferry terminal and as pier master.

Back then, the boat from Bournemouth visited the end of the pier six days a week, carrying 100 to 250 passengers at a time, and boats from Hurst and Lymington visited two or three times a day.

Mr Turner was also involved in the rebuilding of the pier in 1984.

He helped with carnival events, annual fireworks displays and the Gaffers, and enjoyed making wooden toys, rug-making, DIY and travelling.

Mr Turner married his wife Esther in Perth, Australia. He will be sadly missed by her, his family and his many friends.