Recently, I had a reminder from Specsavers for my annual eye test appointment, imagine my surprise when a few days later another appointment from Specsavers came addressed to another person for an eye test.

I rang Specsavers and expressed my concern at this error and was advised it could be a typo or admin error.

The explanation did not seem very plausible so I pressed the matter.

Then I was told a person had registered with them in 2018 giving my address, had an eye test and arranged for a two-year reminder appointment, again at my address.

This was of even more concern to me, so I wrote to the ophthalmic director, but regrettably no reply was received from him.

I did receive a phone call from the person who said they had responsibility for correspondence, as the office manager.

So I requested details (again) of the person who was using my address without my permission. But was told, to release this information was against the Data Protection Act.

Again my reply was, surely you can appreciate whoever this person is they can be trying to defraud me or gain information to my detriment.

I do feel and would suggest to our MP, a change in the law is now needed to require any business which is knowingly involved in harvesting information from clients, such as tax, NHS, NI or any personal information, of whatever kind, to be required to ask for identification details such as passport or driving licence, and this should then be photocopied and kept on file so any person causing you a problem can be traced.

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