I write in response to your article about more potential development in Gunville of some 150 new homes.

This amount of housing in an area that is already struggling with drainage, sewer capacity and surface water flooding is ridiculous and on green-field, good agricultural land that should be used for produce.

The vehicles from this site could number some 300 extra (two per home), which is not unusual these days with family homes.

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They would all have to channel out from one position onto Gunville Road at a pinch point that is already troublesome.

Visibility to the right coming out of Broadwood Lane is obscured by the chapel so how that many more vehicles coming onto Gunville Road with poor visibility can be acceptable I don't know.

I am really concerned this development allows no green spaces for recreation and as we have been experiencing, due to the pandemic, residents need more green space, not less, and to build on agricultural land I think is not what Islanders want to see any more

What is wrong with getting housing on the many brown field sites around the Island?

This ability to just keep building adjacent to previous developments has got to stop as we just get creeping massive estates as blots on our landscape.

Post pandemic, health and wellbeing has to be an important consideration and building in green spaces for families to use for recreation and exercise has been highlighted as important.

Obesity is a factor in how sick people get so that makes it even more urgent to have green spaces not just creeping estates.

I believe there are even more in the pipeline for this area, which as far as I am concerned is a development too far and in sight of the iconic heritage Carisbrooke Castle. Shame!

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