Over a year on into this global pandemic our government has suddenly realised the importance of border controls to stem the spread of this deadly virus which, surprise, surprise, acts like all previous known viruses, and mutates.

What was it the World Health Organisation stressed at the very outset of this pandemic way back in February/March of 2020? Act quickly!

The total incompetence of our government that has been late at every stage is truly staggering, and has resulted in a world beating 100,000-plus deaths with a National Health Service that’s struggling on life support.

Yet any criticism levelled at the government is met by the lame chant of ‘captain hindsight’, or, you couldn’t have done any better. Really?

Are we as a country so impoverished we no longer have any credible leaders in any political party?

Wasn’t the threat of a global pandemic high on the government’s at risk register after the Cygnus exercise in 2017.

Indeed, the scientific community has been warning about the deadly threat of a pandemic for many years before then, so why weren’t we better prepared?

Why do we continue to act so slowly? On whose watch is this farcical pantomime playing out?

Change is desperately needed. Political change that ‘genuinely’ puts the health and well-being of people first, and does not have to continually rely on the actions of individuals desperately clearing up our government's continuous incompetent.

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