Fond memories of Love Lane Primary School, Cowes, were triggered recently when a photo from the school in the 1980s was emailed to the County Press office.

Cindy Yelling — nee Blyth — is the daughter of Mrs Vi Blyth, who taught at the school for many years. Cindy now lives in New Zealand and sent the County Press some of her mum's photos.

Scroll through our gallery of pictures above to see more of Love Lane Primary School in bygone days...

Mrs Blyth's photos included a picture of her grandson, Simon Parr, in Fiddler on the Roof, which was the school's 25th anniversary production in 1984 (main image, above).

Simon is pictured in the front in the white costume and he remembered some fellow pupils in the picture, including Gemma Paddock (now Ricketts), Leon Blanchard, Emma Cotton and John Luter.

With Cindy's permission, the pictures were shared on the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook group.

Isle of Wight County Press:

The staff, with headteacher Jean Apps in the white skirt in the centre of the front row. Mrs Blyth is also in the front row, second from right. Picture: Cindy Yelling. 

Several other members of the Facebook group spotted themselves, including Alison Day (Logan) and Kaley Hall (Nixon), who were Robin Hood and Maid Marion - as the play had a slightly non-traditional plot line.

Cindy also sent a photo of the Love Lane Primary staff in the late 1970s/early 1980s, which included Mrs Blyth, long-serving headteacher Mrs Jean Apps, Mrs Vera Taylor, Mrs Monica Brooks, Mrs Enid Webb, Mrs Arnell, Mrs Marion Salter, Mrs Coles, Mrs Light, Mrs Henry, Mrs Carol Dexter, Mrs Ivy Chapman, Mrs Whillier and several others.

Rafe Abrook shared a photo of another 1984 school production, Ali Baba and the 14 Thieves, which included him, Morgan Arnell and this article's author, Kate Young.

Many former pupils remembered what a lovely school Love Lane was and had fond memories of Mrs Webb's memorable teaching style and her lovely Volkswagen car with its highly distinctive numberplate, as well as how other teachers had helped and inspired them.

Also on the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight group, Kay Ounsworth shared a picture of the Love Lane Jubilee Cook Book, which was produced to celebrate the school's 25th anniversary — which brought back lots of memories for fellow pupils.

Isle of Wight County Press: OwenParker taking part in a running race at Love Lane Primary's sports day.

Owen Parker at the school sports day in the early 1970s. 

Owen Parker shared a picture of him taking part in Love Lane Primary School's sports day, which he thinks is probably the first and last race he ever won. He said: "Check out the tan, we hadn't long moved back to the UK from Singapore."

Owen came to the Isle of Wight in 1972 and lived in Love Lane, Cowes. He went to Love Lane Primary School, Somerton Middle and Cowes High, albeit only for a year as then his family moved back to the mainland due to his dad's work commitments.

Carol Rackett also remembered being in the same show as Owen and shared some of her own pictures.

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