A WOMAN from the Isle of Wight has been recognised for her thrifty ways on a new Channel 5 reality TV show.

Lei Hang from Ryde appeared on season one, episode three of TV 'docu-show' Bargain Brits on Benefits, which aired on Monday (January 25).

The show follows people on various benefits and investigates how they stretch their budget.

Lei said: "I think it is great to share these money-saving tips and tricks with people, especially during a time where many people have lost their jobs and or are struggling financially.

"When I was younger, I had a luxurious life funded by my parents until I got pregnant with my daughter Yasmin while I was doing a Masters degree in Infection & Immunity at UCL.

"I was married, then divorced after a year, with my financial situation changing drastically."

Lei started a blog named The Thrifty Island Girl during the first lockdown in July 2020 to share money saving tips with others.

Isle of Wight County Press: Lei with daughter Yasmin who provided inspiration for her new found independence

Lei with daughter Yasmin who provided inspiration for her new found independence

Among the advice she shared in her small screen debut, Lei reveals how she manages to get her gas and electric for a knockdown price and how replacing washing powder and fabric softener with an eco-egg proved a wise transition.

Lei, who was born in Germany and has Cantonese parents, had her world turned upside down when daughter Yasmin was born with both Chiari malformation - a condition in which brain tissue extends into your spinal canal - and Syringomyelia - the development of a fluid-filled cyst within the spinal cord.

Lei added: "If the end of my marriage caused me to rethink my life choices, it was Yasmin's diagnosis which really drove the point home that I wanted to become independent and self-sufficient, although I admit it was scary at first.

"I started on benefits and decided I wanted to find another way to support us, so I began to look at ways to save money and support both of us."

Having started a successful eBay business, Lei moved into affiliate marketing using her blog, where she uploads weekly advice for those looking to stretch their budget.