A letter published in print and online recently from Paul Herridge suggested we were not playing fair over Covid cancellations.

At Red Funnel we have a robust refund and cancellation policy to ensure we are being fair and supportive of our customers, especially during these turbulent and unpredictable times.

This policy is in line with industry best practices and has been created to meet the varied needs of our passengers.

Read Paul Herridge's letter here.

Under our current Covid-19 policy, no one who cancels their booking should have to lose the value of their booking and be out of pocket. At the time of making a booking, we offer two enhanced fare options:

1. ‘Saver’ fare includes the option to move bookings to a later date with no administration fees, put bookings on hold, generating a credit for future use, or get a 50 per cent refund and a 50 per cent credit.

2. ‘Flexi’ fare has the same options as our Saver fare but includes a 100 per cent refund option.

While our policy is to offer amendments to bookings or credits for future use on our Saver bookings, in exceptional circumstances (e.g. where customers are experiencing financial hardship), we have a means for them to get in touch and request a review of their situation.

On acceptance, we will issue a full refund.

Our credits are also very flexible. In fact, we’ve recently extended the general expiry of credits to December 31, 2021 – meaning customers can apply those credits to any bookings made by that date, which would include future travel into 2022 once those sailings are available to be booked in our system.

Customers should feel confident that they’re in good hands with us and that we’re prepared to be as flexible and accommodating as is reasonable to ensure that they don’t miss the opportunity to use their credits in the future.

We feel that our system is very fair and allows us to do the right thing for our customers, depending on their booking type and/or personal circumstances.

Our customer services team is always on hand to help should anyone feel concerned about their booking, if anyone feels that they have been treated unfairly, or are they would like to request a review of their exceptional situation.

So, please, reach out and talk to us, we’re very happy to help.