I no longer live on the Island, or in fact in the UK but am 100-percent Caulkhead and proud of my heritage.

I belong to several Isle of Wight Facebook groups and am quite shocked (should I be?) at the amount of small-minded, self-centred people in one group in particular who still think that the Covid pandemic is in fact a world government conspiracy!!

Islanders have always been considered to be behind the times and not as “street wise” as our friends on the other side of the Solent and the remarks and posts on this site show why.

To think that this pandemic is something that has been thought up by the world's governing bodies and that everything that these same world governments do is either a control conspiracy or a way of culling the worlds sick and infirm is just unbelievable!

This pandemic is new to all world governments, and yes, Boris and his cabinet have royally messed up on some of their far-reaching rules and regulations but they are not alone and other so-called “in the know” governments have also made monumental gaffs whilst trying to stop the spread of this virus.

I would have thought that the proof (to Islanders) was made very clear when the rules were relaxed and the “overners” were allowed to travel to the Island unchecked over the festive period...Just look what happened.

To say that this pandemic is a conspiracy and that the wearing of masks, social distancing and other measures do not work and are a waste of time just spits in the face of the wonderful NHS staff and other emergency services who have been fighting this virus for the last 14 months.

These unbelievers also bring anguish to those families who have lost friends and families to this horrible virus.

For those that don’t want to wear a mask in public, I really hope that you don’t catch the virus and then expect the already overstretched NHS personnel to put themselves in danger of catching it through your own stupidity.

Personally, I think that these unbelievers should be identified and documented and if they do fall ill they should be put at the bottom of the emergency priority list.

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