I think the UK Government is playing a really dangerous game, because we already have a lack of trust in experts, we have a lack of trust in the vaccine, and so you really want to make sure you use the vaccine as it has been researched.

If you have been told by the studies, this is the dosage, this is the timeline for the first and second dose, then you don’t mess with that, because if you mess with that then you are effectively conducting research of your own.

There is absolutely no evidence from Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca about what level of efficacy you get if you mess around with those timelines.

Perhaps what is most worrying is the mixing and matching of the vaccines,

How is that meant to work when Pfizer and Moderna are R&A vaccines and AstraZeneca is not?

There is literally no data on the safety and efficacy of mixing and matching these vaccines

I really don’t know what the government is playing at, hopefully things will workout ok, but if not, then it might undermine trust in research.

Researchers will say, 'look you did off-label prescribing, you ended up using our products as you wanted to, but not in anyway in accordance with what the research told you to do'.

The UK situation seems very odd.

Fingers crossed we get the same vaccine, and in a timely manner.

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