With regard to the recent publication of pictures of the shocking desecration of the former Ryde Theatre, obviously I condemn this mindless vandalism like any other right thinking person but I think the fact of the vandalism isn't new news.

It is the pictures of the shocking extent of the damage that are new.

The building was sold to a private individual in 2013 with, if I remember rightly, great promises of its restoration and return to use as a theatre.

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Nothing happened except occasional reports of vandalism.

Last November we heard Ryde Town Council (RTC) had resolved to lease the building, with an agreement with the owner of a three-year peppercorn rent, pending receipt of grants which, we understood were only previously refused because RTC weren't the owner.

It was also announced that a Friends of Ryde Theatre organisation would be set up.

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This building is, I believe, of considerable concern to many people.

I don't think it's unreasonable to ask RTC what is the current state of play and can they assure us that since resolving to take on the building there has been and in the future will be a sufficient level of security.

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