I have just seen the photos of the interior of Ryde Town Hall theatre, which is a disgrace.

As the former leader of Medina Borough Council, it beggars belief that vandals can do this.

The blame lies firmly with the IW Council who took over this building from Medina Council when the three councils became one, subsequently selling it on to a private individual in 2013.

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We spent approximately £200,000 of ratepayers' money on this fine building and the owner cannot even maintain the exterior to prevent severe damage.

This is a listed building in a conservation area.

We were all promised a more efficient council when three councils were merged into one and Ryde has paid a heavy price. Indeed, the IW Council originally wanted to shut all our toilets and the seafront swimming pool.

Our once proud theatre has been allowed to be wrecked both internally and externally

The councillors responsible should hang their heads in shame at this wanton destruction.

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