From Hans Bromwich, Cowes:

I very much hope all NHS staff, care workers and key workers have been offered one of the Covid vaccines, along with the second dose within the manufacturer's recommendation time frame of three weeks after the first jab, so they have the best possible protection.

Blue surgical masks help prevent transmission of the virus but offer little protection from it, for that you require a higher grade N95 mask.

Given the new more infectious strain of Covid-19 gives off o much higher viral load, I hope these protective masks are being offered to all hospital and ambulance staff, along with care workers, key workers and vaccinators, not only for their safety, but also to protect the wider public they interact with.

We have already witnessed the devastating consequences when a liaises-faire attitude is taken towards Covid protection by those with key responsibilities, like our IW Council leader and member of parliament.

Let’s try, and start, to do thing right.