The council tax police precept has risen by seven per cent every year over the last three years, a total increase of 21 per cent, and now Hampshire’s Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, is asking for a further seven per cent.

These increases bear no relationship to inflation over the period, nor the quality of service Isle of Wight and Hampshire police have provided.

Faced with our most life-threatening crisis they have been totally absent when it comes to checking and validating travel between the IW and the mainland, which would have undoubtedly helped protect the IW’s Tier One status when Portsmouth was in Tier Four, arguably reducing infection rates, and saving lives.

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A police force that is remiss when it comes to protecting its community, yet can find time to make dance videos and post them on its Facebook page, I would suggest is a disgrace, and needs to start doing the job the public pay for.

Asking for yet more money, whilst the present leadership is in place, is frankly insulting.

I shall be paying my council tax, but not any increase in police precept.

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