I read a letter in the Daily Telegraph about the problems experienced by a 90 year old in getting the vaccine.

What a contrast with the Isle of Wight.

My wife and I received a call last Monday to confirm an appointment for our first vaccination the following morning at 8.30am.

It was a ten-minute drive to the Westiridge vaccination centre.

There was a large car park with a number of volunteers providing assistance where needed, a four-minute walk to the hall, where we were directed to the desk for our medical centre to register and check our details.

Then it was straight into the vaccination room, no queues and we both received our jab immediately on schedule.

Then we were handed a small piece of paper with the time on it, when we could leave after sitting for 15 minutes.

Immaculate organisation, well executed with a friendly, helpful team keeping everything running smoothly.

This was in operation from 8am to 8pm.

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