Having read the letter from Bob Scott in New Zealand, I agree wholeheartedly with his comments.

The UK has been indecisive from the start regarding Covid 19.

In New Zealand when Covid was increasing, the government instantly imposed a lockdown, the only exceptions were grocery shops and health workers etc.

They are now experiencing Covid again, and Kiwis have been told they will only have 24 hours' notice prior to total lockdown being brought into operation.

This means no flights in or out of New Zealand, no ships will be able to dock, even between the north and south islands, and I understand any Kiwis aboard will not be able to return during lockdown.

It does what it says on the tin — total lockdown.

This is the route our country should have adopted way back in March.

This brings me to our Island.

We should have stopped all visitors coming here, and they are still coming over.

This increases the positive cases, hence having to go from Tier One to Tier Four .

Coaches were coming over until recently and private holiday cottages are still accepting holiday visitors.

Why are the politicians in this country, and the Island in particular, allowing this situation to carry on. The IW Council and Bob Seely should show some leadership and help our beautiful Island get free from this virus.

We are an island and need to restrict all visitors coming here.