AN ICONIC Isle of Wight building has been left in a state of disrepair by a number of people who illegally entered the premises on the evening of Thursday January 14.

Ryde theatre, which has now installed 24-hour security, suffered what appears to be an act of mindless destruction, with the entire building vandalised throughout. 

Award-winning Isle of Wight photographer, Sienna Anderson, witnessed the carnage after her stolen bike was retrieved from the venue following a social media led search this week.

Upon arrival at the theatre her relief quickly transformed into despair, as she witnessed first hand the carnage inside the theatre.

Isle of Wight County Press: Photo: Sienna Anderson.Photo: Sienna Anderson.

She said: "Lights were seen in the bell Tower of Ryde Theatre on Thursday night, with a subsequent alert put out to the owners.

"It just so happened that on the night of my bike being stolen, 24-hour security was set in place at the theatre, and within hours of security being there several individuals illegally entered the premises.

"They left abruptly, with my bike also left behind. What I saw on arrival was absolutely heartbreaking, to be honest I am struggling to find the words.

"This behaviour has sickened me and left me embarrassed to be human. The owners are understandably distraught, security will now remain in place for the foreseeable future to prevent any further act of mindless and despicable vandalism."

Isle of Wight County Press: Photo: Sienna Anderson.Photo: Sienna Anderson.

Damage to the venue includes: Panes of glass smashed; walls kicked in; an entire ceiling brought down; paint thrown everywhere; rows of seats mindlessly thrown off balconies; chandeliers smashed; toilets and sinks demolished; pipes ripped from the walls causing flooding to the floors below, and wrought iron spindles kicked from their placements.