Wind technology firm Vestas - which has a base  on the Isle of Wight - is to make 220 people redundant as it integrates its onshore and offshore operations.

The firm - which finalised the acquisition of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind last month - is now bringing the two businesses together.

In an announcement today (Thursday), Vestas said most redundancies would be in Denmark, but some would be in the UK.

It said it did not expect to lose any employees who are paid hourly.

Henrik Andersen, Group President and CEO of Vestas, said, “Since we announced the agreement to acquire MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, we have meticulously planned how we can build a united and strong Vestas organisation that can lead and scale up in both onshore and offshore wind.

"I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication during a difficult period where my colleagues have contributed to both the integration planning and execution of commercial commitments.

"We have now started implementing our integration plans, which unfortunately includes letting around 220 hardworking colleagues go.

"It is never easy to make such a decision or say goodbye to good colleagues but integrating and simplifying two companies inherently creates overlaps between functions and it’s therefore necessary if we want to create a competitive and scalable organisation”.

Vestas says it will now consult with those affected and will know more by the end of January.

Vestas employs more than 29,000 people around the world.