THE VECTIS Party's Julian Harris — sentenced last week on drug offences — said today he was never a member and knew nothing about its policies.

Mr Harris, who announced himself as a member of the Vectis Party on its launch video just last week, sought to distance himself from the party in a call to the County Press today.

Following his sentencing for growing and supplying cannabis, at the IW Crown Court on Friday, the party issued a statement saying it was reviewing Mr Harris's membership.

It stated: "This is a serious matter and Mr Harris has fallen well below the standards we expect of those that represent us.

"As such we have suspended him from holding party office or representing the Vectis Party in any way and are reviewing his membership. This action precludes Mr Harris from standing for the Vectis Party in May."

However, Mr Harris today contacted the County Press and said he was never a member.

He said: "I was not a founder member and I don't know anything of the policies.

"I went on the video reading a script as a friend of Daryll Pitcher (party leader). I told him I would support him and I did.

"I was never going to stand for election and I have not signed anything to become a member."

The Vectis Party said it had no further comment to make.

Watch the video below.