Just a fortnight after a problem with its east side prow, the Floating Bridge will be off again on Thursday morning, for the same fix on its west side, according to an angry local councillor.

A part that failed last month, and was replaced, will now be replaced on the other side of the chain ferry, says Cllr Karl Love, who represents East Cowes.

The boat has racked up a significant period of absence over the last twelve months.

It will now be out of action again, between 9:30am and 12:30pm, on January 14.

The latest repair will be to a hydraulic hose on the Cowes-side of the boat, said Cllr Love on Facebook.

The corresponding part, on the East Cowes side, was fixed at its last breakdown - at the end of last month (December).

When the chain ferry returned to service on December 30, the Isle of Wight Council said there had been a problem with a piece of pipework on the east prow.

The Isle of Wight County Press asked for further detail.

The local authority's councillor in charge of transport, Ian Ward said: "The problem was caused by the failure of a union at one end of a ridged hydraulic pipe.  

"Nothing was actually broken. The union pulled apart, probably caused by vibration during the time it’s been in service.  

"However, further investigations are being carried out."

Now, East Cowes Cllr Karl Love, who has long called for action over the chain ferry, says the same piece of the other side of the boat is to be replaced - forcing more time off for the Floating Bridge.

He said: What out community wants is action to deal with the problem that exists, rather than the fancy words of this administration. 

"What we need is a plan for tomorrow." 

Cllr Love also revealed that the Isle of Wight Council's scrutiny committee has been told that legal action is now underway.