CONCERN at a door-to-door offer of a Covid vaccine turned to confusion — when the jab was revealed to be genuine.

A vaccination team had a dose left over and asked local people in Shanklin if anyone wanted it.

Due to recent scams, where people have asked for money in return for a fake vaccine, the offer initially caused alarm.

People took to Facebook to warn others about it. However, the vaccine was genuine, a spokesperson for the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group confirmed today.

A spokesperson for the NHS vaccination team on the Isle of Wight said: “We can confirm that a vaccine team operating in the Shanklin area had been vaccinating residents in Sea Gables residential home.

"They had one dose left over and invited nearby people to have the vaccination, as if it was not used it would be discarded.

"Although the offer was given in good faith, we apologise for the confusion this has caused.”

People are advised to wait for the NHS to contact them, for an appointment to have the vaccine. People are asked not to phone their GP to enquire about it, as it is taking staff away from their work at a busy time.