Members of the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook group have been contining to share pictures of themselves, their friends and people they remember when they were growing up.

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Susan Mustchin's picture of her Brownies group (main image above) drew lots of comments. She said: "I think it must have been no later than 1969, because you could be a Brownie up until the age of ten. I believe it was at an event in Newport for a visit from Lord Louis Mountbatten. Julie, my older sister, presented a bouquet to Lady Mountbatten and she would have been ten in 1969."

Susan believes the picture includes her, Carol Downer, Anne Robbins, Sarah Cook, Karen Young, Sharon Early, Christine Corney, Jill Henton and possibly Jackie Eddis and Beryl Attrill.

Erica Louise asked who remembered Alfie, the Town Crier.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Who remembers Alfie? Picture: Erica Louise.

John Cooper said: "I think it was on New Year's Day 1999 that I saw/met Alfie last. I was on the commentary/presentation team for the New Year's Day Parade in London (long story), and there was a champagne breakfast before the parade. Alfie had been nominated as a special representative of one of the London boroughs, having been Town Crier there as well."

Ann White remembered: "He used to come into Conservative Club in Sandown during summer and do a turn. He had some great jokes — this was in the early 1970s."

Chris Cooke added: "Alfie used to have a regular open air variety show in Rylstone Gardens during the Summer in the late 1960s and I used to deploy the seats on the grass area by the bandstand. He was a real character!"

Katie North posted a picture of herself, aged 16, on The Parade at Cowes. She is now 75 and lives in Albany in south-west Australia.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Katie North, aged 16, by the cannons outside the Royal Yacht Squadron.

Katie also added one as herself as a small girl in 1943. She said: "I was at Pop Warrens Apple in Sandown, his garden was huge — it is all houses there now. But the actual house is still there looking lovely. I often go there via Google!"

Marilyn Saunders also had a stunning picture and a funny tale to tell. She said: "I was born at home, within a stone's throw of Parkhurst prison main gate, where my dad was a prison officer. This photo (in the gallery) was taken in 1957 when I stood proud as May Queen, having been chosen by my classmates at Parkhurst school. I tried to hang on to my front tooth but it decided to fall out the night before the proceedings!

"Dad used to go round the prison officers' estate to cut hair for his colleagues and their sons . I still have his kit box with all his combs, scissors and brushes. I currently live in Somerset , but I am an Islander to the core."

Rhona Connor contributed a picture of her and a number of other youngsters, taken in the mid-70s. She said: "I am in purple jumper. My sister is next to me and my mum is at other end. I know a few people in picture, but I cannot remember where - some boat event? It turned out wet. Also here are French pen-friends."

Simon Bates also has a lovely picture of him as a youngster, with his friends, circa 1956/7. He said: "It was taken in the rear garden of The Crescent Supply Stores (The shop and house on the corner of Queens Road and St John's Crescent in Sandown owned by my grandparents."  

Isle of Wight County Press: These four friends are Paul Oatley, Malcolm Smith, Andrew Morris, and Simon Bates, circa 1956/7. Picture: Simon Bates.

These four friends are Paul Oatley, Malcolm Smith, Andrew Morris, and Simon Bates, circa 1956/7. Picture: Simon Bates.

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