A FAMILY has spoken about the impact of one of the most horrific crimes the Isle of Wight has seen in recent years.

Paedophile Graham Medway snatched a three-year-old girl who had run away from her parents, and orally raped her in the bushes of Fort Victoria Country Park in Yarmouth.

Following the serious sexual assault on August 31, Medway at first denied any involvement, and only admitted to the offence once presented with DNA evidence.

He was today jailed for 14 years at the Isle of Wight Crown Court.

The mother's statement said her child had changed since the 'horrific' crime, and had become defiant and aggressive.

She said words couldn't describe the full impact on the family, who live on the Island.

Her words were read out by prosecutor David Richards.

The mother said: "Our job is to keep her safe but as a result of this man's actions we have an overwhelming guilt that we failed to protect her and keep her safe.

"This has changed our lives."

Judge Roger Hetherington said the parents were not at fault at all and had further been put through the trauma of the investigation into the crime, when Medway at first denied it."

After sentencing, an NSPCC spokesperson said: “This is a deeply disturbing case, in which a very young girl was subjected to a brutal and terrifying ordeal.

"Medway’s abuse will have had a profound effect on this child and her family, and it is vital they are provided with the full support they need to recover and move on from this.

“If you suspect a child has been assaulted, you can speak in confidence to NSPCC professionals on our helpline seven days a week on 0808 800 5000, or email help@nspcc.org.uk. If someone is in immediate danger always call 999.”