The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to grow up and gives children access to all sorts of activities, including sailing, playing on the beach and horse-riding.

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Catherine Elizabeth Cochrane has submitted some lovely shots on the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook page recently, including the main image above taken on Yaverland beach in the 1970s and a newspaper clipping from a Brading Methodist Church event in 1984.

When she shared the clipping, she said: "Anyone recognise themselves here? I do remember most, but a few on the top row I just can't place. It was a Sunday School event. I'm on the bottom row next to the Sunday school teacher Jane, I'm wearing glasses."

Isle of Wight County Press: Catherine Elizabeth Cochrane's press clipping for 1984. She is the one wearing glasses in the bottom row.

Catherine Elizabeth Cochrane's press clipping from 1984.

There have also been lots of pictures of people at riding schools shared on the Facebook page.

Sandra Thearle shared a picture of her on a horse at Luccombe Riding Stables in 1956 and many people commented about riding there — among the horses remembered were Molly, Trixie, Smokey, Nugget, Two Socks and Misty.

Brenda Bogacz remembers: "I learned to ride there too, mid-1960s I think. I used to ride Drumbeat — probably the slowest pony ever — but my favourite was Mars. I remember taking Drumbeat to a show in Ventnor Park and we actually won some rosettes in the games. Happy days!"

We particularly liked Sue Tout's picture of her riding Coco at Teresa West's riding school in 1965 - she looks so happy!

Isle of Wight County Press: Sue Tout riding Coco at Teresa West's riding school in 1965.

Sue Tout riding Coco.

Lisa Elliott was a horse ranger at Allendale Riding Stables in Godshill and shared a lovely picture of her riding Lady.

In more recent years, Francesca Hammond shared a photo of her riding another pony called Lady at Comforts Farm, Northwood, when she was nine.

Article author Kate Young also posted a picture of her riding Nipper during a gymkhana at Comforts Farm riding stables, Northwood, in August 1993. The picture (in the gallery above) was taken during a game of musical chairs, hence Kate's friend, Emily Osborne, is walking beside Nipper, ready to grab his reins when the music stopped so Kate could jump off and run for a chair!

Others who rode at Comforts during the 1980s/90s remembered ponies such as Juno, Maggie, Ferdie, Sweetie, Blossom, Joker, Nipper, Barnaby and Candy.

Groups members also shared memories of riding at Rosemary Riding School, Ryde; Starbell Riding School, Gurnard; Killeen Riding Stables, Fairlee; Briddlesford Riding School and many other places.

Have you got happy memories of your time on the Isle of Wight? If so, click here to go to the We Grew Up on the Isle of Wight Facebook page and join in the fun!