You accurately reported last week, following the instructions we promptly put on our church website, that a person had unwittingly attended our Christmas Day service already having caught coronavirus, although being unaware of it at the time.

I am pleased to now add that the person concerned is making a good and speedy recovery and the steps we had in place at that service to keep every attender safe from Covid achieved their purpose and no one in attendance subsequently caught the virus.

However, although attending a place of worship for a service and certain activities is still allowed under Tier Four, we have taken the additional precaution to close the church premises for these also.

We will review this at the beginning of February if we are out of the new lockdown by then.

To those who have expressed an interest in the life of Castlehold recently, can I invite you to join our online livestream this coming Sunday at 10.30am?

The link will be easily available from our church website at

Also available at any time are “Dare to Enquire” pre-recorded videos, specifically designed to respond to the growing interest in the Christian faith during these anxious and challenging times, as well as other interesting video and written material.

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