So, we were catapulted from Tier 1 to Tier 4 in the space of a week.

This charge through the Tiers was predictable, but it didn't have to be inevitable.

It became inevitable because the Isle of Wight Council leaders and the police did nothing to stop the movement of people to the Island the moment the national lockdown was lifted at the beginning of December. It is not rocket science to have observed that the virus spreads through the movement of people and, in order to limit its transmission, movement of people between the Island needed to be curtailed by those in charge of local governance.

We did not need hollow words from our council leaders about keeping the Island safe, we needed a substantive plan backed up by actions.

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I witnessed coaches of people piling into local hotels and evening lights ablaze in the many second homes where I live.

It was never about discriminating against tourists or DFL's, but it was about being firm in the wake of a national crisis and taking preventative actions.

Being an Island, we did actually hold some valuable cards in our hands and could control movement to our area in a way that other counties could not. The businesses that enjoyed the initial benefits of being in Tier1 now find themselves shut again as we batten down the Tier 4 hatches yet again.

A quick financial fix of a huge influx of mainlanders soon became self-defeating and ended up being detrimental to businesses survival plans as, the longevity of Tier1 status under abuse, showed there were consequences.

It also has huge implications on our already hard-pressed National Health Service and the staff who work there.

I think it is only reasonable that there should be some accountability of our leaders who squandered our low rates of infection and allowed this situation to happen.

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