In September landowners William Tudor Smith and Mark King lost their appeal against the IW Council's planning enforcement notice regarding a site near Lake's Premier Inn, where work carried out was described by the council as "a blatant breach of planning control causing significant harm to the character of the site and the surrounding area."

The council had been made aware of the work by residents concerned at the felling of trees, damage to hedgerows and loss of the wildlife habitat.

Dismissing the landowners' appeal on all six grounds, Inspector Paul Hocking, for the Secretary of State, ordered that by December 30 the site must be returned to original levels, with building materials removed and grass seed sown.

We are now in January and the site remains unchanged — except for being further gouged by BMX riders. Covid-19 cannot be used as an excuse for the lack of action.

It is hoped that, due to the landowners' failure to obey the inspector's instructions, the IW Council can now have the work carried out on their behalf and bill them for the cost, which would undoubtedly be more than if they had themselves arranged for it to be done.

Many residents, who valued the site, are carefully watching the situation and would hate to think Mr Smith, Mr King, the IW Council or Lake Parish Council will be allowed to let the matter rest. Meanwhile the Planning Inspectorate is being kept informed of the position.

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