I was at the checkout in Morrison's, Newport, bagging my groceries when I saw out of the corner of my eye, an elderly man called Stan fall over when another shopper bumped into him.

I stopped to help him, as well as Lyn, who is an employee.

Also, a previous employee stopped to help, Steve, who also just happened to be there.

After checking he was okay we helped him to his feet and we went to the cafe. we were each given a free hot drink.

Lyn stayed with us and chatted while we had our drinks and made sure Stan wasn't too shaken up after the accident.

Steve popped back to check on the situation and gave me a bouquet of flowers to say thank you for not only stopping to help but also for offering to drive Stan home when he was ready.

While we were talking in the cafe, Lyn explained that Stan has been a regular customer since his wife passed away 18 months ago.

He goes to the cafe daily for lunch and has a good rapport with the staff there.

So for Stan's 90th birthday, the staff who work in the cafe put on a surprise birthday party for him.

And when the cafe was shut for renovations, they did a relaunch and not only was the mayor of Newport invited but so was Stan.

I think this shows community spirit and it should be recognised.

When Stan was ready I drove him home. I have his telephone number and we keep in touch.

I just wanted to say how well Morrison's dealt with it and I'm hoping Lyn and Steve can be recognised for their kindness.