Ode to the bridge to nowhere

If you go down to East Cowes where the river Medina flows.

You'll see a large Wight elephant lying in repose.

It spends a lot of time there looking lonely and forgotten

And we noticed the other day there were barnacles on its bottom.

It cost millions of pounds to buy and millions to repair

They never seem to have the right parts, for this bridge to nowhere.

"It's only teething problems" says the man who knows it all.

We suggest they return to their drawing boards, these 'experts' at County Hall.

It seems to go from bad to worse

It's such a drain on the public purse

Will no one rid us of this terrible curse

On the bridge to nowhere.

Our leader Dave is in deep despair

Councillor Ward's tearing out his hair.

They didn't read the sign 'buyer beware'

When they bought the bridge to nowhere.

Is there no one on the council who will stand up and declare.

"I'm the idiot who signed the cheque for the bridge to nowhere"