As a born and bred Islander, I, for the first time in my Island life I have been shocked by the blatant discrimination and exclusion from local hospitality industries on the IW.

I am currently a university student who has faced brutal challenges this year only to be further ridiculed on my return home for Christmas. Obviously, there is no further education available here so most of us wanting to progress educationally have gone elsewhere.

On my quest to return home for Christmas (which is legal) I took it upon myself to complete two tests for coronavirus, which most UK universities offered prior to the end of term.

However, upon my arrival home I have been told I am not allowed in certain establishments (particularly in rural areas) purely because they can tell "I'm not a local" and therefore have been deemed "unsafe" despite my efforts to prove I am not a risk.

Of course venues can make their own decisions when it comes to clientele, my issue is with their reasoning.

If anyone else was refused entry based on race, gender or sexuality people would rightfully be up in arms.

If Islanders were to go to the mainland to dine they wouldn't be questioned as to whether they're from the "right tier".

It is this closed-minded Island Tier One mentality that is absolutely destroying the retail and hospitality sectors here.

I completely understand there is an older demographic and ageing population but that is no reason to disregard the young people and their families who contribute the most economically.

I urge venues to rethink their approach instead of alienating their up and coming customers in favour of "protecting" the tier 1 status which to be honest it's downright pretentious and counterproductive.

The Island is a unique and beautiful place for inclusivity.

Do not let us fall behind the times and fail to prosper because we need it now more than ever.

We must see the bigger picture and going back to the dark ages by not allowing access to all is a very dangerous place to be.

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