I wish everyone a happy time over Christmas and the New Year, but in the current circumstances, I cannot understand why our elected Member of Parliament, Bob Seely, did not look after his constituency better when the latest pre-Christmas restrictions with regard to Covid-19 were imposed.

While there will always be individuals who are happy to put other people in danger by acting irresponsibly and breaking the rules, Bob Seely was in the unique position, as MP of this beautiful and then-Tier One Island, to make use of the stretch of water between the Island and the mainland to keep his constituency safe.

He could have involved the police to stop and check people boarding the ferry to ascertain if they were allowed to come over, had genuine business here, and were abiding by the Covid-19 rules his Tory government dictated.

The fact that he did not do this, and thus allowed the virus to spread on the island more than it ever has, by turning a blind eye to holiday makers/second homeowners with lots of friends and family in tow, is very disappointing and shows a lack of care for the Island population, a community that cares for and looks after each other.

It certainly made me — and I know for sure other people as well — feel unsafe in the place where I live and go about my daily activities.

I had expected more from Bob Seely, and will definitely keep his current actions (or lack thereof) in mind when next I get an opportunity to vote for either him or a candidate who is more in touch with the Island community and genuinely interested in its health and safety.

Editor's footnote: To be fair to Mr Seely, MPs do not have the power to tell police to act in a certain manner...and many would think that is a good thing.

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