This is a note I sent to MP Bob Seely, regarding the St Mary's Junction.

"Just popped to Newport town and noticed the huge traffic jam from St Mary's junction right the way back to Coppins Bridge roundabout.

Seriously, anyone who thought traffic lights would allow traffic to flow better than a roundabout needs their head examining.

We have spent millions on a new road layout that simply doesn't work as well as the old road layout. Who is responsible for this farce?

It's good money thrown after bad decisions money that could be better spent elsewhere or maybe even (wash my mouth out) lower the council tax charges which go up year on year with ever diminishing services.

I was using the St Mary's junction the other day coming from Coppins Bridge towards Cowes and noted while I was sat there, polluting the environment that no traffic were actually moving at all as the road from B&Q had no traffic waiting to come out but they had priority it looked like the most expensive car park in the country.

Seriously this is a farce months of delays to install a road system that is orders of magnitude worse than the road system we had.

Were the people responsible for the St Mary's junction the same folks who were responsible for the Cowes/East Cowes chain ferry, as we seem to be getting a similar outcome.

This is beyond a farce and people need to be held to account, this is not acceptable."

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