A RYDE businessman — not happy at the sale of St Thomas Church — has stepped in with a counter solution.

George Cullen discovered the church was sold by the Isle of Wight Council in 2017 for £75,000, but Ryde Town Council is now buying it back from the investor for £200,000.

He believes the two sales equate to 'an outrageous waste of public money'.

Now, he has emailed all the members of Ryde Town Council with a proposal he believes will save them £125,000.

He said: "I have sent to all the councillors a detailed email about my views on the buy back of the church.

"My hope is it is being considered and the sale will be stalled pending another Zoom meeting.

"My proposal is £75,000 cash which is what the current owner paid for it in 2017, with a clause inserted to the contract to transfer the sale simultaneously at £75,000 to Ryde Town Council.

"If the offer is rejected my advice is to wait. There is major ongoing astronomical maintenance. On this basis no other investor will touch it.

"The price, in my opinion, is what it’s worth in the current climate."

The County Press has asked Ryde Town Council for a response.