CHRISTMAS always holds special memories for children and here on the Isle of Wight, there are always lots of places to visit Santa, enjoy Christmas shows and events and select that special gift.

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Tania Cawley shared a photo of her with what she believed was the Santa at Ronsons factory when she was a child (main image above).

Many people remember Ruths of Cowes, the iconic sweet shop which had beautiful confectionery, and John Cole has shared some lovely pictures of the Christmas window display at Ruths, which were taken in 1967.

Isle of Wight County Press: John Cole's picture of the Christmas display at the famous sweet shop, Ruths of Cowes, in 1967.

The shop window at Ruths of Cowes. Picture: John Cole.

Peter Attrill added some photos of his dad working in the Magnet shop at 31 Chapel Street, as well as a picture of Liningtons in St James's Square, Newport, where his dad worked for 40 years.

Jon Goldsmith asked who remembered Nesta Meech and her dance school, which put on regular shows and pantomimes. He commented: "I wasn't great at singing or dancing but it kept me agile and fit for sport!"

Isle of Wight County Press: Jon Goldsmith remembers Nesta Meech's dance school, which was always putting on shows and pantomimes.

One of the shows by Nesta Meech's dance school. Picture: Jon Goldsmith.

Rich Pitman spotted his dad, Viv Pitman, playing the organ in some Christmas party photos by John Cole.

Erica Louise — who was Erica Scott — grew up in Sandown and her parents, Eric and Leah Scott, were involved in a wide range of community activities and events throughout the year. We loved her picture from a May Day procession featuring her aunt, Maureen Mitchell-Hedges, and her mum Leah.

Finally Ruth Patey, nee Langridge, shared a lovely picture of her as a girl.

She said: "I was born in St Mary's in 1955, lived in Cowes and my schooling was at Denmark Road Infants, then the Junior, then I finished school at Cowes Secondary Modern.

"I moved away for work to Kent in 1974, returned in 1976 and stayed put on the Isle of Wight until the mid 1990s, then travelled around England working.

"My family still live on the Isle of Wight, I meanwhile live in Cambridgeshire, but until Covid-19 I visited three or four times a year.

"I would love to retire back to my birthplace as I love the Isle of Wight - who knows, maybe one day it will happen."

Have you got lovely memories of your time on the Isle of Wight?

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