These are the e-mails I sent to government minister Grant Shapps and Matt Hancock regarding the latest Tier and Christmas restrictions..

"Most of the south has now gone into Tier Three and to relax the restrictions so that people can move freely this Christmas is utter madness.

There will be a flood of people coming to the Island over the Christmas break and a great number of these will be infected.

As we are in Tier One, that means people from much higher tiers will be able to move freely around and potentially infect a great number of Islanders, including myself.

Wales has been forced to alter the four-nation Christmas plan and so can you Mr Hancock.

If you do not, many people will die. What is more important; a Christmas or many people dying, who will never have another Christmas again.

Because no one cares about the Island, especially the government and our resident and ineffectual MP, due to the relaxation of the restrictions, many islanders will die and we have an above average age demographic.

With regards to the ferries, to force infected people to huddle together in the rest areas is rank stupidity and the very least that you can do is force the ferry companies to allow people to stay in their cars. Quite frankly, all people from higher tiers than the IW should be forbidden from travelling to the island.

If you do nothing, the Island will get more infections and our sole small hospital will get overrun."