From Wendy Mundell, Newport:

Further to my last letter (CP 11-12-20), 32 people have commented that there is a problem with drivers not getting in the correct lane to travel down the dual carriage, onto Coppins Bridge to continue their journey to Sandown.

Many, like me, are having near collisions with people just managing to undertake when finding themselves in the Ryde lane.

As this is happening to my left, I have to brake sharply to let them in while knowing that the person behind me could easily run into the back of me or the person undertaking will drive straight into my nearside wing.

The signage on the left hand side of the dual carriage states Ryde/Downs, surely this is totally misleading.

That is almost telling people to get in the left hand lane for Sandown, however it means Staplers and the journey over the Downs.

At peak times when traffic is heavy it is difficult to read the signage written on the road, indeed it needs to be overhead or quite easily, revert the lanes!

I will be writing to Cllr Ian Ward, Isle of Wight Council member for transport and infrastructure, to highlight this lane problem; it is just not safe and I do not wish to be involved in a collision.

Thank you to all who took the time to comment.