From Chris Cook:

You have carried two recent reports of deaths from Covid in the community.

Some of earliest comments are from a group of people questioning your report and the data it is based on. No expressions whatsoever of sympathy or condolences.

Do these people have no humanity? No respect for the feelings of the bereaved?

It is all about them – no need to name them as I’m sure everyone on Facebook is well aware of who they are.

When challenged they turn out to thin-skinned, objecting to being labelled as ‘Fruitcakes’ and yet their assumptions are clearly taken from QAnon-type sources. They despise MSM (mainstream media) levelling ridiculous claims about control.

The more extreme elements seem to think that we are all going to be injected with control devices. It doesn’t seem to occur that there are considerable technical issues involved here! Others ‘post-and-forget’ – there’s no opportunity to challenge their oddball ideas.

Social media can be a force for good, helping to foster good discussion and debate and even create online friendships.

Sadly, it also gives equal access to the extreme elements amongst us.

Once upon a time, their views, if heard at all, would’ve been dismissed as eccentric.

Now they may cause real distress to those who are easily influenced. These people won’t take any responsibility for a vulnerable individual who decides against vaccination because they may turn into a zombie.

Let’s redress the balance and rediscover our basic humanity and drown out the haters with expressions of love, hope and optimism for the future.