From Laurence Gill, Freshwater

Re: ‘Never mind reservists, get Boris to fund NHS properly!’ (CP letters, 11-12-20)

Bob Seely isn’t stupid, he realises the desperate state our NHS is in, particularly on the Island.

With the post-Covid analysis yet to begin, he needs to desperately curry favour with his constituents, hence his deluded call for NHS reservists.

The Conservatives are living on borrowed time, the electorate are very unlikely to forgive the Tories for a decade of driving our NHS into the ground, particularly on the IW.

I full expect everything on the Island to now be very rapidly handed over to partners on the mainland, by the highly paid, politically subservient leaders at the top, in the desperate hope that by the time of the next general election the electorate will have conveniently forgotten about how the service has been decimated on the IW.

Best of luck with that one Bob.