From Jackie Terry, Niton:

I really must disagree with the chairman of the IW Young Conservatives, Isaac Farnbank over regulatory deregulation.

Lack of regulation gave us Grenfell and BSE.

Read Isaac Farnbank's letter here.

As I write this letter I have no idea if there will be a Brexit deal.

The fact is that there will not be much difference, a six per cent loss of GDP as opposed to a four per cent loss (figures from the government).

As persons will be poorer when we leave, this will not help Island businesses.

There will be friction at the border because we have left the customs union, which was not even discussed before the referendum, along with Northern Ireland.

We were promised the easiest deal in history with frictionless trade.

I hope the Brexiteers will own this mess, including our MP.

Please don’t blame the EU. It won’t wash.

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