From Wendy Mundell, Newport:

An accident waiting to happen!

Twice I have been undertaken on Coppins Bridge Roundabout and both in the same place.

Both times it was since the lanes for Sandown on the dual carriageway have been altered.

Previously the lane for Sandown was on the left hand side.

Some months ago it was altered to the right-hand side on approach to Coppins Bridge.

Twice I have correctly been in the right hand side of the carriageway while travelling to Sandown, and twice I have been undertaken by a car from my left in the Ryde lane wishing to go to Sandown; so shot past my left-and front wing without any indication.

At this very point we are both driving towards one another.

I am in the correct lane, they are not.

If they displayed a right indicator one would hope someone would courteously let them into the Sandown lane.

All this was going on before we got to the traffic lights just before the Church on the Roundabout.

Markings on the road of the dual carriageway inform us what lane to get into.

Perhaps we should also have a large sign 'GET IN LANE' there also.

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