From M. Hurst, Shanklin:

In connection with your article on the misuse of the new Beryl E-scooters in Newport (CP, 04-12-20), last Thursday morning, within 45 minutes, I personally witnessed two incidents of these scooters being driven at their top speed (fast human running speed) illegally along the pavements of St James’s Square and South Street.

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On both occasions the scooter was being driven by different adult men, apparently riding aimlessly about and weaving among pedestrians.

I reported both incidents to the police and to the Beryl organisation.

The IW Council, who authorised and promoted the use of these vehicles, were not interested in my complaint, asking me to redirect it to the Beryl company, which I did.

Even if used legally on public roads, the Beryl Escooters have no adequate safety features other than brakes, and no effective lights — particularly important in winter.

Their relatively small wheels are prone to falling foul of potholes. They have no luggage-carrying feature other than a rucksack worn by the user.

Their misuse and potential for public nuisance and danger of injury or collision must far outweigh any benefits.

In my opinion they no more belong being driven on public roads than disability scooters.

I feel it only fair to add that I received a reply from the Beryl company saying they had identified the persons responsible and had "taken action".

In an earlier message they said they could identify offenders described (through rental records) and "contact them regarding their behaviour".

Hardly the same as a fine or confiscation if dealt with by the police.

Verbal or written warnings have little or no preventive effect on blatant and anti-social offenders. Perhaps Beryl could block identified offenders from using the E-scooters by voiding their online account?

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