AN Isle of Wight artist has stepped forward to claim he created the monolith at Compton Beach.

Tom Dunford says he created the structure (pictured above by Barrie Robinson), which was discovered on Sunday morning and has since made headlines around the world.

Tom was one of the first people connected with the structure.

He featured on Sky News reports as one of the first people to spot it.

The 29-year-old was reported to have 'discovered' the monolith while out walking his dog. He has now claimed he made the curious mirrored piece of art.

The National Trust says it intends to leave the monolith on the beach, and will monitor the area for overcrowding and safety.

Tom told BBC Radio Solent he was inspired by the symbols in Romania and Southern California and installed the monolith on the Isle of Wight on Sunday morning.

Earlier this week, the collaboration of artists believed to be behind monoliths in the USA and Romania appeared to aknowledge that the Isle of Wight's was not by them.